About Square Root Marbles

Has your child mastered square roots? ​How about you? Try this ad-free, spam-free game at the Apple App Store. Your child will love it, and so will you. ​
Why Square Roots?
By age 10 many young people know the times table for the numbers 1,…,10 and also know the perfect squares:
0, 1,  4,  9,  16,  25,  36,  49,  64,  81,  100.
The square root of any such perfect square is the number whose product with itself yields the perfect square. For example, the square root of 64 is 8, since 8 x 8 = 64.
Square roots are easy, right? Check if your child understands the concept! Not sure? Square Root Marbles will do the job!
Square Root Marbles is an educational game that involves actions, simple arithmetic and square roots.  A marble is navigated through levels of increasing difficulty, passing through the simple operators, -1, +1, x2, x3, x4 as well as the square root.
It is the players’ task to reach the destination with the correct marble value, all while racing the clock and thinking about math together with square roots!
Try this ad-free, spam-free game and let your child enjoy the action while paving the way for future success in the algebra lessons that are lurking just around the corner.  In fact, as designed by Dr. Yoni Nazarathy of One on Epsilon, the levels of Square Root Marbles facilitate foundational algebraic thinking. This learning process takes place without the player noticing because the game is just so fun!
Target audience: Ages 8 and above. ​
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