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Are you exploring mathematics and want to know ‘how’? Or maybe you want to understand ‘why’? The web has some superb free resources, but where? How to quickly find the answers that are right for you? Go with Epsilon Stream and stay hooked on mathematics.Epsilon Stream’s team of researchers, educators, and parents curates the best that the web has to offer. Then our engaging and intuitive browsing experience does the rest. Curious minds of all ages use Epsilon Stream to explore the wonders of elementary mathematics. Professional educators use it to get the right resources with the right perspective. How do you get your mathematics?

Why get lost in all that is online? Our team does the curation for you. We are parents, educators and mathematics researchers. We breathe mathematics, live parenting and thrive on curiosity. We love this stuff!

Our detailed curation process brings you the best youtube videos, iOS games and web articles that one can find. The outcome is a fun, relevant and accurate mathematics exploration process.

We conduct an on-going survey of YouTube mathematics usage. For the month of November 2018, we estimate that in the English language alone, there were 4.25 million hours of mathematics views. Yes, that is 4,250,000 hours of mathematics watched!

This is equivalent to about 5 million people, each watching 12 minutes of mathematics per week!

Read this earlier article for more details on how we conduct this study. And this article for further analysis.

Indicate the concept you are interested in. For example, “adding fractions”, “the area of a trapezoid”, or “logarithms”. Epsilon Stream then presents you with the most precise, engaging and appropriate YouTube content. You’ll also get related web articles, both by One on Epsilon and other incredible contributors. Finally, you get presented with games that aid the learning and discovery process.

Epsilon Stream also supports the Global Math Project and includes Exploding Dots content.

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