Mathematics is for Girls:

Girls excel in mathematics, but it is a well known fact that there is a gender gap in the volume of participation. At One on Epsilon we aim for gender balanced mathematics and design products that support this cause.

As part of our product development we support local communities through activities focused on female students, parents and teachers. These activities can give you great value, while helping us improve our products.

We carry out the following types of activities, focusing primarily (but not solely) on female participants:

  • Single or group mathematics tutoring sessions for students.
  • Single or group sessions for parents, wishing to engage with their children around mathematics.
  • Mentoring workshops for teachers focusing on mathematics enrichment.

Contact us for more information.

In Communities and Schools:

We advocate mathematical curiosity. Members of our team carry out hands on exploratory, curiosity driving activities. We do this in the United States, Australia and Israel. Our team members are located in: Brisbane, Melbourne, Las Vegas and Tel Aviv. We are always happy to contribute to our local communities. Want a visit? Let us know.

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